Exercise Your Right To Vote!

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Not everyone in the United States is eligible to vote, but for those who are, exercising your right to vote is a great privilege. We encourage all those who want to vote to register, get informed and make sure your voice is heard!

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Rock The Vote Republican!

Here’s some helpful links so you can participate as an eligible voter!

Colorado is a mostly mail-in ballot state which means you will receive a ballot in the mail which you will complete and mail back to your county clerk. In order to make sure you’re eligible, registered and have the correct information,¬†you can choose any of the following ways:

Online: www.GoVoteColorado.com

or download a form here:

Voter Registration Form

In La Plata County, you can mail your form to:

98 Everett Street, Suite C

Durango, CO 81303

In Bayfield, CO

Visit the Bayfield Motor Vehicle office

1199 Bayfield Parkway, Bayfield, CO

to complete an application.

If your registration is current and active, your ballot packet will automatically be mailed to you.